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Montessori Live Announcement
Montessori Live will discontinue the Florida Charter School discount program effective September 1, 2014.
Montessori Live Announcement
Montessori Live is proud to announce that it continues to be the most advanced Montessori distance education program! Click on the photo to learn more about our course upgrades and our video library upgrades!
Montessori Live Announces New Programs of Study
In addition to our MACTE accredited Elementary I certification program, Montessori Live now offers programs of study in Early Childhood educator certification and Elementary I-II educator certification.


Open Registration

Posted on 27 Feb 2015
Spring classes begin Friday March 13 – Sign up now!

Update: January courses scheduled to start on Friday January 16, 2015.

Posted on 09 Jan 2015
The start date of our January courses have been changed from January 9, 2015 to Friday January 16, 2015.
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  • What is Montessori Live?

    Montessori Live is a web-based training program, designed to support educators through training as well as throughout professional careers. Montessori Live offers professional development credit and MACTE certification pograms. In addition, the online video lesson library is for our members at any time, in any time zone.
  • What is the Sarasota University affiliation?

    Beginning in September 2013, students have the option to complete the Montessori Live elementary certification program and work toward a master’s degree in Montessori Education. School leaders can now complete a master’s degree in Montessori Leadership. Montessori Live is an adult-centered, affordable option for Montessori training and is one of the first blended online and face-to-face programs for teacher training in the international Montessori community.
  • Does Montessori Live offer student loans?

    Unfortunately Montessori Live does not, at this time, offer student loans. We are a pay as you go program. We recommend that you check out alternative loan programs.
  • Can I sign up for the Video Library?

    Our video library is only open to those who hold a valid Montessori certification.
  • Can I get a library membership without having certification?

    Unfortunately we no longer offer individual library membership to those who do not meet the requirements of having a valid Montessori certification.
  • How are the courses formatted?

    While each course is different the basic components of each course are as follows: 1. Viewing the videos, which consists of approx. 2-2.5 hours a week 2. Forum discussions, which consist of approx. 1 hour a week 3. Weekly one hour chats 4. Weekly written assignments 5. Readings, material making, and/or lesson/classroom observations.* This depends on the course.
  • Are the weekly chats recorded?

    Recordings of the chats are available for members of the course and we encourage all students to participate in the live chats whenever possible. In cases where a student cannot make a live chat, the recording serves as a make up for that student. These recordings are not disseminated or used outside of the course.
  • What is our Mission Statement?

    Montessori Live Educator Training Program serves the global community as an institution that provides affordable and reasonable access to education on methodologies and best practices developed from Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational theories. It is through the commitment of our faculty and student educators that more children will benefit from humanist and constructivist education. Purposes and Objectives for Montessori Live: 1. Facilitate a high quality, educator-training program that fully represents the complete array of “best practices” of the Montessori educational method. 2. Provide Montessori educators and institutions on a worldwide basis a repository of data and resources on best practice and continuing professional development. 3. Ensure that accessibility to Montessori educational training is not limited to just urban population centers but serves a more global population. 4. Administer programs conveniently scheduled to accommodate increased personal and professional responsibilities of today’s modern adults. 5. Provide a fiscal and managerial framework that facilitates affordable tuition requirements and reduces other burdens of cost including geographical relocation.
  • What is Montessori Live's Institutional Structure?

    Montessori Live Educator Training Program Inc. is the official name of the Program. Montessori Live is governed by a board of directors. Montessori Live has applied for 501(c)(3) non-profit educational status. Montessori Live is MACTE accredited for Elementary I. The Early Childhood and Elementary II programs, as of July 2014, are applicants in good standing with MACTE. This status in not way determines the outcome of the accreditation decision by MACTE. Board of Directors as of June 12, 2014: President: Sander Feldman Vice President: Henry Bright Treasurer: Henry Bright Secretary: Patty Meringer Board Member: Marcella Coyne Board Member: Nicole Smith Office Staff: Executive Director: Kym Elder, Ed.D. Registrar & Director of Finance: Jenifer Baehr Director of Marketing and Web Services: Matthew Minton
  • What is the candidate to instructor ratio?

    The candidate to instructor ratio is no more than 15:1. Our average course size is usually 10-12 participants.


  • "Thank you for making videos viewable on my iPhone. I haven't taken a class in awhile, but now my struggles are over! I may even take more than one class at a time now that I am incredibly portable. I've got my class in my pocket! I'm so excited. Can you tell?"
  • "Thanks Dr. Czaja, I truly enjoyed this course and have developed a new understanding of the Montessori methodology. This course has also reinvigorated my love for educating the whole child."
    Latatia R
  • Dr. Czaja was so kind and made me feel special and I thank him for that.  I feel that I have a problem with my writing, but Dr. Czaja made me feel like I wrote beautifully.  He made me feel good about my writing for the first time in my life.  Thanks so much, I look forward to having you as my instructor (almost said teacher, but in Montessori we do not say that) again.
    Donna B.
  • "By having a deeper understanding about Montessori philosophy I am more confident in my Montessori knowledge."
  • "The information about motivation and perceived control will influence how I teach in the future."
  • "It is my desire to take the best training possible in order to become an educator at the elementary level. I believe I have found the best training with Montessori Live."

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In 2011, Montessori Live received accreditation by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education). MACTE is recognized internationally in both public and private sectors of the Montessori community as well as by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) and National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). For more information about our MACTE accreditation Click Here